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How to Hide or Show Courses in Canvas

If you’re interested in reducing visual clutter on your Canvas Dashboard or Course List, there’s one simple trick to free up space. Since Canvas automatically favorites all new course enrollments, your list of courses can easily become cluttered! This article addresses how to quickly clean up these potentially crowded spaces by selecting to view only your favorite courses.

Screenshot of a cluttered Canvas dashboard

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. In the Global Navigation menu (on left), click Courses and then All Courses.
    Screenshot of the global navigation with the Courses menu expanded and the All Courses link highlighted
  2. To favorite a course(s), click the empty star next to each course name to add it to the Courses menu. Favorited courses will have a filled-in star icon while unfavorited courses will have an empty white start icon. If no courses are marked as favorites, then all courses will be visible by default.
    Screenshot showing the tooltip to click a star icon to make a course a favorite
  3. To hide a course, simply click the filled star next to each course name to remove it from the Courses menu and your Dashboard.
  4. Click Dashboard from the Global Navigation menu to view the update. 
    Note: It may be necessary to refresh your browser to see the updated list.
    Screenshot of a cleaned up Canvas Dashboard

Updated on September 7, 2022

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