How to Export a Quiz from CI Learn/Canvas

This guide will walk you through how you can export Quizzes from your Canvas course to be used in your other courses.

This method becomes useful if you’d like to share the quiz with a colleague at another institution or if you want to import a quiz into a course that it’s already been copied into using the course import tool. Using the course import tool is the simpler method of transferring content from one course to another and is recommended in most circumstances; however, the course import tool will overwrite any content that has previously been imported where as importing an exported quiz will not.

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.
    Screenshot highlighting settings in course menu
  2. In the sidebar, click the Export Course Content button.Screenshot from Settings page with focus on "Export Course Content" option
  3. Choose your Export TypeScreenshot showing the correct settings marked
  4. Click the button for Quiz Export. Choose the Quizzes you want to export.
  5. Click the Create Export button.
    • Note: When you create an export, Canvas will create an export archive where you can download prior export files.
  6. When the export is complete, refresh the page and you’ll see a downloadable QTI Export file. Click the link to download your exported quiz(zes).Screenshot highlighting the New Export Button
    • Note: Content exports expire after 30 days and can no longer be downloaded.
Updated on September 7, 2022

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