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There is a known and reported issue related to storing alternative text in Canvas so that it carries over when content is copied between courses. While there are multiple ways to add alt-text in Canvas, this page will cover the best way to add alt-text, so it is retained in Canvas.

Alt-text added through ALLY in Canvas Files or through the ALLY Course Accessibility Report will not be stored by Canvas and likely won’t carry over if copied or shared between courses.

Fixing Alt-Text Through ALLY in Canvas Rich Content

Click the CC to activate the closed captioning during the video

Pinning Services in myCI Guide

Steps for Adding Alt-Text Through ALLY

Following the steps below will ensure that your alt-text is retained and will carry over if copied between Canvas courses.

  1. Sign in to myCI and click CI Learn to open Canvas
  2. From the Canvas Dashboard, select the course you’d like to work on and click on the course card to open it.
  3. Navigate to the content area where the image is located.
  4. Once located, click the colored gauge to open the Instructor Feedback panel.
  5. In the text field on the right, enter the alt-text for the image and click Add.
    *If and only if, the selected image doesn’t convey information for your instructional content should you click the Indicate image is decorative box below the alt-text field.


  • Cooper Hewitt Guidelines for Image Descriptions (Est. reading time 25 minutes)
  • Image Description Guidelines by DIAGRAM (Digital Image And Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials) includes sections for specific subjects and types of content such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Graphs, Diagrams, Map, and Art, Photos & Cartoons. (Est. time varies depending on content choices)
Updated on March 17, 2023
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