T.H.R.I.V.E. Webinar Archive

Launch Webinars

Summer Opportunities: T.H.R.I.V.E. and ACUE

An informational overview of the summer opportunities for training offered by THRIVE and ACUE

T.H.R.I.V.E Kick-off Webinar with the Founders of Excelencia in Education

Join President Beck, Jill Leafstedt, and the Founders of Excelencia in Education to celebrate the launch of THRIVE and talks about student equity.

Tool Based Webinars

Zoom Webinar

This webinar covers the basics of setting up your Zoom profile in myCI, downloading and installing the Zoom application, and scheduling Zoom meetings for your classes within Canvas/CI Learn with time for Q&A at the end.

Canvas Basics Webinar

This webinar covers the basics of using content in CI Learn (Canvas) to create an online course such as pages, assignments, quizzes, and modules.

Slidedeck from the Canvas webinar.

VoiceThread Webinar

Join Michael McGarry and Sadie from VoiceThread as they go through the basics of using VoiceThread in your online classes.

Creative Commons Webinar

Join Beth Blackwood from The Broome Library as she goes through creative commons and the use of creative commons resources in your courses.

Hypothesis Webinar

Join Jeremy Dean from Hypothesis as he gives insight into collaborative annotation using Hypothesis and also demonstrates how it works within Canvas.

Playposit Webinar

Join Emily Bleibel and Angie Whalen from Playposit as they cover the basics of the video engagement tool and how it can be used with assignments in Canvas.

TopHat Webinar

Join Kara Dingboom from TopHat as she demonstrates how TopHat can be used to create active learning exercises for you and your students.

Finding Digital Resources Webinar

In this webinar, a librarian will review the various ways that you can find useful and high quality digital resources. As faculty move towards no-cost or low-cost materials for their courses, digital resources become crucial to equity efforts. Learn how to leverage the Library’s vast digital holdings of books, journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, and streaming video to cover the course content you need. Library digital resources also meet requirements for accessibility.

Grading With Canvas Gradebook Webinar

This webinar is focused on highlighting the basics of using the GradeBook in Canvas. We’ll cover topics such as muting assignments, weighted grade setups, and others.

Teaching With Breakout Rooms In Zoom Webinar

This webinar will show you how to use Breakout Rooms to augment your online instruction. Group work and other activities are an integral part of how people learn and wrestle with new topics, and the Breakout Rooms feature in Zoom can help you recreate this opportunity in an online setting. We’ll talk about the technical aspects of setting up and managing Breakout Rooms during your Zoom meetings, as well as cover the why and how to use them as part of good teaching practices.

Virtual Course Observation Webinar

Virtual Course Observation – How do you do that? What do you consider when observing a virtual course?  How is observing a synchronous session in Zoom similar or different from a face-to-face observation?  What do you look for in an asynchronous course? In this interactive webinar, we will share strategies and tools to build your experience with virtual course observation.

Virtual Course Observation Resource Site 

Using Assessment to Address Embedded Assumptions about Students

This webinar is focused on discussing the social work concept of meeting clients where they are and applying it to teaching: “meeting students where they are”. We can use formative and summative assessments (both qualitative and quantitative) to learn about student’s abilities and challenges. We will demonstrate with an example from Health Science and guest speakers from Sociology that we can use assessments to identify embedded assumptions about students’ knowledge. We need to ask ourselves “what are the sticking points” for students and revise courses or teaching methods to accommodate students’ educational needs.

The Sociology Major in the Changing Landscape of Higher Education: Curriculum, Careers, and Online Learning (ASA Booklet mentioned in the webinar)

Blending Asynchronous and Synchronous Course Engagement Webinar

Redefining Blended: Synchronous and Asynchronous have become everyday descriptors in our virtual world. Each have their instructional affordances and limitations. How can you make the most of your ‘live’ interaction and what is best suited for asynchronous? How can these two seemingly different interactions blend into a powerful learning experience? This interactive webinar workshop will model ways to engage students in both settings and support you in designing your own blended learning plan.SHOW LESS

A/Synchronous Webinar Resource Site

Setting Online Groups up for Success webinar

Collaborating with a group to accomplish a task is challenging but a necessary 21st Century Skill, and one we need to help students develop.  However, online collaboration presents unique challenges since group members may not be in the same timezone, let alone the same physical space.  How do you set students up for successful online group tasks and teach them the tools and techniques that will make them collaborative leaders beyond graduation?  This Webinar will share strategies, tools and techniques to help you plan and implement successful online group projects that build students’ readiness to work with a virtual team.

Group Work Resource Site

Updated on November 17, 2020

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these webinars! I attended the Canvas webinar and watched the T.H.R.I.V.E. webinar. I have two questions:
    1. Regarding T.H.R.I.V.E.: I just signed up today and need to do it self-paced. Other than my survival-mode of Spring 2020, I have not taught online. However, I have read quite a bit about distance learning since since March 2020. I would like to opt for the Foundations lab because I don’t want to miss anything but I guess that I will go through that one a bit quicker. Could I then also do the “Enrichment Micro-Courses”? Thank you all for doing this amazing work. I’m excited to get started!
    2. Regarding Canvas webinar: Thanks again for this helpful webinar! Michael, you mentioned posting the slides so that we can access the links. Where can I find it?

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Yes, Foundations is a great place to start. It will show you how to use Canvas to support your distance learning goals. You can do all the labs or, if you feel pretty comfortable with the information, do the ones that interest you, and then move to the Enrichment Courses. Take a look at the pathway suggestions on the Learning Plan once you start the Orientation. It sounds like Foundations and a couple of Micro Courses will be a good plan as you move forward. For tools, you might want to consider continuing to attend some of the Webinars offered on Wednesdays.
      As for the Canvas webinar slides, thank you for bringing that to our attention. The slides are now linked below the webinar recording.

  2. It is very nice, I did not attend the webinars but I saw them all.
    How do I enter a math equation into a Module, an assignment or anything?

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