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T.H.R.I.V.E. Course Starter Toolkit

Looking for help with your online course design? We’ve got just what you need! This page will direct you to guidance and resources to help you design, develop, and facilitation an online course.

Building Background

Literature on Course Design

If you are interested in some quick reads specific to online course design and creating virtual communities, we recommend the resources below. 

Tools of theTrade 

Technology should be your supporting cast.  Better to have a small talented ensemble than an entire chorus line. There’s a myriad of robust instructional tools out there, but you only want to utilize the 2-3 tools that best support the learning in your class.  Afterall, you want students learning to think critically within your discipline, not waste energy and time learning to use a laundry list of tools.

Watch Summer 2020 Webinars

If you are new to the tools listed below, take some time and watch the webinars linked from Summer 2020.  Canvas and Zoom are a must for a virtual Fall, even if you plan to teach synchronously via Zoom.  As you review the remaining tools, consider which tool(s) will provide the most bang for your cognitive buck.  Meaning, which tool(s) can support your instruction and provide meaningful interaction in alignment with course outcomes.

Register for Upcoming Webinars

To register for upcoming Webinars, visit the TLI Events Page. We will host a Webinar every Wednesday at 12:00.

Starter Kits & Resources

Looking for resources to save you time? Use a starter kit!  These are located in Canvas Commons and can be directly imported into your Fall Course.  You can also go to Canvas Commons from your CI Learn Dashboard and search ‘CSUCI Kits’.

The Course Starter Kit

The Course Starter Kit is located in Canvas Commons. 

What’s inside

  • Homepage
  • Syllabus Page with Quick Links
  • Student Support Guide
  • Faculty Quick Guide
  • Start Here Module
  • Module 1 Bookends
  • Module 2 Bookends

Graphics Kit

Want to add some visual interest to your course? Import/Download the CSUCI Graphics Kit

Buttons Kit

Looking for buttons to add to your course? Import/Download the CSUCI Buttons Kit and choose from a variety of round or square red and silver buttons.

Bird’s Eye View Template

TLI Knowledge Base Article Quick Links 

Resources outside of CSUCI

Updated on September 6, 2020

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