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Student Guide: How to ‘Create a VoiceThread’ Assignment

VoiceThread Student Guide

This article will support your use of VoiceThread as a student at CSUCI and show you how to create and submit a VoiceThread. 

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Create a Slide Presentation

If you’ve been asked to create a presentation in VoiceThread, you first need to create your slides.  Keep in mind, you can continue to add and delete slides once you’ve created your initial VoiceThread. Below are suggestions for slide creation tools and how to prepare any slides you create for uploading into VoiceThread.

Suggested Presentation Tools

  • Visme (it’s fun, free, and easy!)
    • Click here for tips to create a presentation in Visme
    • Visme presentation slides are formatted in 16:9/widescreen.
    • When you’re done, you will click Dowload, select “Image (JPG),” and the image file will download to your computer
    • NOTE: Do not use the animation or transition feature in Visme for this assignment. These will not work in VoiceThread.
Download button in Visme
Image icon in Visme
  • Google Slides (you will download each individual slide as a JPEG image format when you are done)
    • Click on File
    • Click on ‘Download as’
    • Click on JPEG Image
  • Powerpoint (you will share/export the file to an image file format when you are done)
  • Keynote (you will share/export the file to an image file format when you are done)
  • Your image file must be formatted in Widescreen format (also referred to as 16:9 aspect ratio). 

Presentation Dimensions

  • Please check the dimensions of your slide in the tool you choose to use. If you use Powerpoint or Keynote, be aware that the default slide dimensions are usually “Standard (4:3).” Please change the dimensions to Widescreen (16:9) in the formatting area.

Starting a New VoiceThread Presentation

  • Login to CILearn
  • Access your Course from your CI Learn Dashboard
  • Locate the Assignment where you need to create the VoiceThread.  
  • On the assignment page you should see an assignment option titled ‘Create a VoiceThread’ 
  • Click on the option to ‘Create a New VoiceThread’

Adding Slides

  • To begin adding your slides, click on the plus sign (+) next to Add Media
  • A Menu will open
  • From the Menu select ‘My Computer’
Add media button in VoiceThread
List of sources that can be used to add media to a VoiceThread: My Computer, Media Sources, Audio Recording, Webcam Photo, Webcam Video, and URL
  • Locate your downloaded slides from Step 1
  • Click Open or Upload to add them to VoiceThread

Saving your VoiceThread

  • You will automatically be prompted to Title your VoiceThread.  Add a title (this can be edited later if needed)
  • Adding a description and tags is optional
  • Click Save
Thread settings dialogue in VoiceThread
  • While your slides are processing you will see a spinning cog wheel
  • It may take a few minutes for all of your slides to upload
  • Once your slide has loaded, you will see a thumbnail image of our slide in the editing window
Uploaded slide in VoiceThread

Recording your Comments

  • Click on the Comment Icon (speech bubble) at the top of the VoiceThread Page
  • Your VoiceThread will open to widescreen and you will see your first slide
Comment icon
  • Click on the plus sign at the bottom center of the VoiceThread Window and select either the microphone or video camera icon to record your voice or video comment.  
  • When you are satisfied with your recording, click Save.  Click Cancel to re-record. 
  • Use the arrows in the lower right of the screen to navigate to your next slide
  • Repeat this process until you have recorded all of your comments
  • You can delete any saved comment by mousing over the recorded comment that appears to the left of the VoiceThread window and clicking on the trashcan icon.  
  • You can record your comments as many times as needed 
Comment recording dock in VoiceThread

Record a Video: VoiceThread’s Webcam Video

Instead of adding a video comment to a slide, you can record a video that will appear where you would typically see a slide. To do this:

  • Click on the large plus sign to open the Add Media Menu
Add media menu in VoiceThread
  • From the menu, select Webcam Video 
Webcam video option in VoiceThread
  • A recording frame will appear and you will see a countdown to the time your recording will begin 
  • Use your computer camera and microphone to make your recording. Typically your built in computer or device webcam will work just fine. To ensure clear audio, it is a good idea to wear earbuds with a built in microphone.
  • Tips for Recording:
    • Make a short (10 second) test recording to check your audio is working properly
    • Make sure your background is quiet and free from distracting noises and visuals.
    • Make a script/outline of what you want to say
    • Keep your comments brief and to the point (typically 2 minutes maximum unless otherwise directed by your instructor)
  • The timer in the lower left corner will show the length of your recording
  • When you are finished recording, click Stop Recording
Timer and stop recording button in VoiceThread
  • You have the option to Cancel, Save, or Record More  
Cancel, Save, and Record More buttons
  • If this is the first entry in a New VoiceThread, you will be prompted to Title the VoiceThread.
  • Once you click Save your recording will appear as the last thumbnail in your VoiceThread Editing Dashboard.  You can rearrange the order of your content by dragging and dropping each thumbnail into the desired order. 
Slide view in VoiceThread
  • If you have more content to add (slides or videos) click on the large plus sign (+) and select the type of media you wish to add.  
  • To submit your VoiceThread, see the step below. 

Submitting your VoiceThread Assignment

  • After you are finished recording, you can submit your assignment.
  • Click on the Hamburger Menu (three stacked horizontal lines) in the upper left hand corner
  • A Menu will appear
  • Click on Edit
  • This will take you back to the editing view
Edit button within the VoiceThread menu
  • From the Editing View you will see a blue Submit Assignment in the upper right corner of the VoiceThread window
  • Click Submit Assignment
Submit assignment button in the VoiceThread interface
  • Your VoiceThread will appear with a blue Submit Assignment button in the lower right corner
  • IMPORTANT!!! Under the blue submit button, check the box next to ‘and share with class’
and share with class button
  • Then click Submit Assignment
  • You will see a confirmation screen that says Assignment Submitted
Assignment submitted message in VoiceThread

Updated on August 28, 2019

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