Batch Upload Media to ShareStream

This guide will provide a walkthrough of how to batch upload videos into ShareStream Pick-n-Play so they can be viewed in CI Learn.

Enabling ShareStream in CI Learn

  1. From within your course, click Settings on the course menu and then select Navigation from the tabs at the top of the page.
  2. Next, scroll down until you see ShareStream Pick-n-Play (new), click the stacked dots to the right, and click Enable. Lastly, click Save at the bottom of the page to add it to the course navigation.

Uploading New Media to CI Learn

  1. Within the course, click ShareStream Pick n Play (new) on the course menu. If this is your first time accessing ShareStream Pick-n-Play, you will see a Course Media Copy Wizard. If you would like to copy media from a previous course before uploading your new media, please refer to the Copying ShareStream Media Into a New Course page. Otherwise, click the Skip button. 
  2. Next, click Upload in the top right corner of the window.
  3. You can now select up to 10 files or drag and drop them in the window to begin the upload process.
  4. The files will begin to process and transcode. At the top of the page you can set Batch Information to apply to all videos or you can scroll down to enter specific information per video. Enter the information and then click Apply Changes to save it.
  5. Once the upload is complete click Publish All Assets.
  6. A destination pop-up window will open. If you’ve created folders within your course’s ShareStream collection you’ll see different folders to choose from; otherwise you’ll only see your course folder. Select where you’d like to publish the media items and then click Publish All Assets

Congratulations, you have now successfully added your media to ShareStream!!

Updated on September 11, 2019

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