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Accessibility Checker (Ally) in CI Learn: Instructor Feedback

Learn how to fix accessibility issues with your course content.
Not sure about how to identify and correct accessibility issues with your course content? Not to worry. Detailed feedback and support are provided within CI Learn to help you improve the accessibility of your course content. Learn about accessibility issues, why they matter, and how to fix them.

Remember! Small changes and improvements are no less important than bigger changes. The process can be incremental. It doesn’t have to be drastic. The goal is to make a plan that works for you!! The Teaching & Learning Innovations team is here to support you

A close up of red indicator text. Accessibility score: Low. Click to improve.

Your course files and content will now have colored gauges next to them. They indicate the item’s level of accessibility, and are there to help you prioritize which items need your attention first. Don’t worry, your students can’t see them. If you hover over the indicators, you’ll see if the accessibility score is ‘low”, “medium,” or “high.” Click the indicator to see the percentage score, specific issues affecting the item, and instructions for improving it.

Updated on November 22, 2021

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