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Accessibility Checker (Ally) in CI Learn: Fixing Issues

There are many different types of issues that the accessibility checker may identify in your course. The upcoming sections are meant to help you walkthrough how to address and fix them.

Add Alternative Descriptions to Image Files 

Images can be a great way to engage your learners with different modes of learning, and can help communicate complex ideas to students. For students with visual impairments, “alternative descriptions” that explain the content of an image are crucial for their learning. For all students, text descriptions can provide deeper context to aid their comprehension. 

  1. If your image lacks a text description, the indicator will appear ‘red’ because the score is low. Clicking the indicator will reveal the accessibility score details. Click the ‘What this means’ button for an explanation, and ‘How to write a good description’ for some quick tips. 
  2. Add your alternative description* to the text field in the feedback window. When you’re done, click ‘Add.’ Make sure your description is more than just the title of the file, or it will still be flagged as an accessibility error. Describe the image and what’s important, and mention any text in the image to improve your score.
    *If your image is meant only for aesthetic purposes, and does not contain info relevant to the learning content, you can instead mark the image as ‘decorative.’ This means no alternative description is necessary , and your accessibility score will improve. 
Adding alt text to an image from the Files section
Marking an image decorative from the Files section
Updated on March 17, 2023

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