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Accessibility Checker (Ally) in CI Learn: Alternative Formats

The checker automatically generates alternative formats of your files based on the original document which are available alongside the original files so students can find everything in one convenient location. Your original file will not be affected by the alternative formats.

The types of alternative format available depend on the type of file. For example, if you upload a PDF, the alternative formats generated are HTML, ePub, electronic braille, and audio (MP3). The alternative formats displayed will vary depending on the type of file.

For more information visit alternative formats guide.

Download An Alternative Format

Find file formats that support your learning.
How do you prefer to engage with digital learning content? How do your student prefer to engage?  Some may read on a tablet or phone while others use a screen reader. Still even so, others may prefer to annotate or highlight while reading or perhaps listening to an audio version is the best fit. With the new checker, ‘Alternative formats’ are automatically generated from your original files and are easily accessible for download so you and your students can engage with course content in the way that works best.

To access the ‘Alternative Formats’ within CI Learn, navigate to the content item and click the downward arrow icon next to the linked text to expand the menu and select ‘Alternative Formats’ 

As an instructor, you can also navigate to the Files section of your course and click the three stacked dots at the far right to expand the menu and select ‘Alternative Formats’.

Updated on April 21, 2020

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