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Quick-Start Guide to Hosting Office Hours in Zoom & Using Zoom in CI Learn

Before you get started, you’ll want to be sure to activate your Zoom account and set up your Zoom profile.

Scheduling Your Office Hours

Zoom is integrated into CI Learn/Canvas courses and can be accessed by faculty from the course menu. Students will access created meetings from the notifications that are sent to the Inbox or the Course Calendar.

  • From within your course, click ‘Zoom’ from the course menu
  • Next, click ‘Authenticate
Authenticate button in Zoom
  • Next, click ‘Authorize
Authorization prompt for Zoom within Canvas
  • You will then be taken into the Zoom Scheduler. Click, ‘Schedule a New Meeting
Screenshot highlighting the 'Schedule a New Meeting' button

Refer to the Zoom in Canvas documentation to walkthrough all the features.

Again, students will receive notification and be able to access your Zoom office hours two ways:

  1. The office hours will be added automatically to your course calendar (which students see when they log in to CI Learn/Canvas.
  2. Students will receive a notification in their Canvas Inbox (which some students may have forwarded to their email addresses, as well).

In each of these notifications (the Calendar and the Inbox message), there will be a link for students to click to enter your Zoom room and meet with you.

Updated on May 10, 2019

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