Creating a Sandbox Course

Instructors are able to create their own sandbox courses within CI Learn from the “All Courses” screen.

What is a Sandbox Course?

Sandbox courses are course shells that are intended for course development and experimentation. These course shells don’t have any student enrollments, so there’s no risk in trying out new tools and modalities. The contents of these sandboxes can then be imported into your live courses once you’ve developed the content fully.

How Do I Create a Sandbox Course?

  • Login to CI Learn
  • Navigate to the All Courses screen which is accessible under the Courses link in the left side global navigation.
  • Click the Create a Sandbox Course button in the upper right.
Create Sandbox Course button
  • Enter a course name in the empty field. Course names can be no longer than 20 characters.
  • Click the Add Sandbox button.

After completing these five steps, you’ll be taken to your new sandbox course shell. The new shell will appear in your course list when you click the Courses link on the global navigation with the course name that you entered preceded by the month, date, year, and the word “Sandbox-” (e.g.: JUN26_18-Sandbox-TLI 345). You can edit how this appears by changing the course’s nickname on the dashboard.

Course name in Courses list
Course name in breadcrumb navigation

How Long Will My Sandbox Last?

Sandbox courses will be deleted 3 years after creation. The primary purpose of these sandboxes is to serve as a development and experimentation space where the final pieces of content are ultimately imported into a live course.

Updated on March 5, 2019

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